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Ruaraka Police Officers on The Spot for ‘Assaulting’ Pregnant Woman


A woman in Kasabuni slums in Ruaraka Constituency is now seeking justice after she was allegedly assaulted by police officers while pregnant last week on Monday.

Winny Adhiambo says that the beatings by the police officers caused her to go into premature labour.

Adhiambo says that she was slapped and pinned to the ground right outside her house by the police officers when she sought to find out why they were breaking her neighbour’s door.

“I heard a loud bang outside when I went out to see what’s happening I saw officers trying to break my neighbours door… I inquired and no one answered, the next moment one of them by the name Kioko shouted at me and asked me to go back inside and before I could do so they inched closer and Kioko slapped me to the ground…. It was this time that my labour begun.” Adhiambo explained to Ghetto Radio News.

“After I fell down they hurriedly left hurling abuses… neighbours tried to engage them but they left even without explaining what they wanted from our neighbour’s house,” she added.

She now want actions taken against the officer who assaulted her.

Huyu karau ajiita Kioko alinibo sana imaginae  karau anakupiga bare  mpaka udunde chini halafu na uko na ball halafu anakutusi na kuenda (Kioko really annoyed me imagine being slapped and pinned to the ground by a police officer and you’re pregnant then he abuses you and asks you to go),” she said.


Christine Juma a Community Health Volunteer in Ruaraka who have been taking care of Adhiambo who immediately delivered after the incident has also called on action against the officers.

Juma says police harassment in Kasabuni has been normalized by the officers despite residents registering   complaints.

“We have been attending to her but when we tried to get an OB at the Ruaraka police station we were denied entry … That is not the law police officers should not misuse their powers … We want justice for Winny and we shall pursue that to the end,” she said.