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  • Kasabuni residents decries insecurity in the area.
  • Two people robbed phones and another stabbed at neck.

Kasabuni residents are now calling on the security agencies to quickly combat robbery in the area saying it is a vice that is now giving the residents sleepless nights.

Yesterday night around 11.30 pm two people were robbed phones and another stabbed at neck in a thuggery incident that happened at Kasabuni parking area.

The two identified as Jadudi and Omosh  were from a local bar before they were attacked on their way home by armed robbers.

Imekua mbaya huku kwetu na saa hii hata one month haijaisha watu wetu wameendelea kuangamia the two gentlemen were just from a bar it has reached a point where by residents cant’ enjoy themselves ni kisu kila siku the security apparatus must just act swiftly to cover this…we use to have serious officers at Ruaraka Police station but for now I don’t see tha,the ones available are doing what is needed.

Denis Onyango Kasabuni resident.

‘‘Manze imekua mbaya mtaa imekua shida pande ya security mdingo wamezidi wengi sio wa mtaa wanatoka sides za Gomosh,Dandoo na Koch so hawa mavijana pia lazima wabambwe wanajulikana na kama vijana wa mtaa hatutakubali mtaa yetu kuporwa kila siku.’’ Antony told Ghetto Radio News.

May Robbery at a Club

On May 23rd three thugs raided a bar in Kasabuni  and robbed revellers at gun point.

In a statement the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said the armed robbers posing as mentally ill beggars entered Reke Marie pub located in Kasabuni area pretending to beg for food.

The  suspects whipped out a pistol  from his sack and ordered all the revellers   to lie down before ransacking their pockets.

“The three miscreants who were armed with a firearm initially posed as vagabonds of unsound mind carrying sacks on their backs, before entering Reke Marie pub to seek for alms. All this while, the revellers who were unperturbed by the trio’s presence continued corroding their esophageal glands with impunity as they downed cold swallows, until one of the presumed madmen whipped out a riffle from his sack and ordered everyone to lie down!”

DCI said  in a statement.

By Allan Otieno

June 14, 2023

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