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Ruaraka Youth take to the streets to protest Kazi Mtaani selection


A section of youths in Ruaraka constituency took to the streets on Wednesday morning to protest the selection process for the Kazi Mtaani initiative in the area.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio news, Maxwell Odhiambo said they have been waiting for notifications that they were selected for the initiative but they were skipped for the programme.

The youth accuse are member of parliament TJ Kajwang of giving a special group of youths the chance and skipping others.

“This initiative was launched at Korogocho stadium which falls under Ruaraka constituency, sadly no Ruaraka youth is in the Kazi Mtaani programme. The MP is using a section of Youth affiliated to him for the programme and skipping others.” he said

The youth who gathered at Matahre 4 A on Wednesday morning attempted to take a signed petition to the area MPs office.

The petition contains grievances by the youth that they say the MP needs to address since they have been pending for long.

“We have not seen our MP since we elected him. Even during this Covid-19 pandemic he has not donated even one hand washing tank. There are several grievances involving the youth that have been skipped for long and it is high time they were addressed.” he added