RUBiS Energy Kenya proudly announces its sponsorship of talented local Kenyan rally drivers for the highly anticipated FIA World Rally Championship in Kenya. The championship will take place from June 22nd to June 25th, 2023.

The FIA World Rally Championship is a prestigious event that attracts motorsport enthusiasts and professionals from around the globe. The Kenyan drivers Jasmeet Chana and Ravi Chana, Karan Patel and Tauseef Khan, Issa Mutwiri Amwari and Dennis Mwenda, will be participating in this edition billed as the toughest fixture on the WRC calendar.

Speaking during the sponsorship announcement, RUBiS Energy East Africa Group CEO and Managing Director, Mr. Jean-Christian Bergeron, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership. He stated “At RUBiS, we believe in fueling all journeys, both metaphorically and literally. We are thrilled to support and fuel the aspirations of local Kenyan rally drivers participating in the FIA World Rally Championship. This partnership aligns with our core values of promoting excellence, teamwork, and fostering the growth of motorsport in Kenya. We are proud to be associated with these talented individuals and wish them the very best in the championship.”

Jasmeet Chana, one of the sponsored rally drivers, expressed his gratitude for the partnership with RUBiS. He said, “Preparing for the FIA World Rally Championship requires months of rigorous training and unwavering determination. Having supportive partners like RUBiS Energy Kenya by our side is crucial to our success. Their commitment to local talent and motorsport is truly inspiring. We are proud to have RUBiS as our sponsor and believe that together, we can achieve great things.”

In addition to their support for local talent, RUBiS Energy Kenya recently entered a strategic partnership with Castrol, further emphasizing their dedication to providing the highest quality engine lubricant products. This collaboration strengthens RUBiS’ commitment to delivering exceptional performance and durability to motorsport enthusiasts.

By sponsoring these local drivers, RUBiS Energy Kenya aims to showcase the immense talent and capabilities of Kenyan racers on an international platform and reflect its commitment to supporting local talent and promoting motorsport in Kenya.

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