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  • Rudra badly destroys KRG.
  • Rudra Kartel affirmed not knowing KRG and his music.
  • The Kenyan version of Incarcerated Jamaican dancehall star, Vybz Kartel is looking forward to working with both Konshens and Kartel.

Kenya’s Vybz Kartel, Rudra Kartel has badly deconstructed fellow controversial dancehall singer, KRG The Don terming him not being a dancehall singer, In fact, Rudra pondered on who the hell was KRG as he denied ever knowing him.

In a Tik Tok engagement, Rudra is asked if he has heard of KRG’s collabo with Konshens dubbed “Time Bomb”.

According to Rudra, he’s only conversant with Konshens voice and not KRG.

“I don’t know KRG but when I listen to them my ears catch up Konshens sound only” asserted Rudra.

While chuckling on KRG’s doomed fate, Rudra further drove the last nails on KRG’s coffin by ruling out doing a collabo.

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He further termed KRG a quack with his voice failing him as far as dancehall music is concerned.

“You know about KRG, KRG he can’t coz you know what, he’s not a dancehall artist according to his voice you know” he continued partly.

Collabo With Konshens & Kartel

The Kenyan version of incarcerated Jamaican dancehall star, Vybz Kartel is looking forward to working with both Konshens and Kartel.

Rudra noted that he can’t wait for Kartel’s release with their collaboration set to shake up the dancehall market.

He further shared his excitement with Konshens having recently recognized his lyrical prowess. He added that before Kartel is released from prison his collabo with Konshens should be out before he embarks on the one with Vybz Kartel.

Rudra Kartel has a striking resemblance with Vybz Kartel, stretching to his voice and going up to  his countless tattoos.

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Some of Rudra’s notable hits are Ma Clarks a corruption of Kartels “Clarks”, Iron Noise and Diss Masanse among others.

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