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  • Rufftone has received backlash for the 3M UDA  Anthem cash prize.
  • Artists/choirs have been asked to come up with the UDA  Anthem and make submissions.

Veteran gospel star Rufftone is facing a hard task while pushing the 3M UDA  Anthem competition.

The Mwikulu singer has been in the forefront calling upon talented musicians/choirs to come up with the UDA  Anthem and make submissions.

All participants are also required to have attained 18 years and above.

“Je wewe ni msanii na uko na talanta je uko na kikundi ama nyinyi ni kwaya UDA Party inakuletea opportunity yako ya kupata milioni tatu pesa taslimu kazi ni rahisi wewe unatunga tu wimbo wa taifa come up with the UDA National  Anthem irregardless of where you’re located in Kenya” he stated partly.

However, Rufftone seems to be climbing a mountain if the comments on social media are anything to go by.

Rufftone performing during a past show PHOTO Courtesy

Fans Reactions

With Rufftone feeling the heat, we camped on his handle and sampled a few of the reactions.

“Mungu baba twaomba…kitawaramba”


“Mimi niko na ya Azimio”


“Seriously siwezi”

“Development is where they draw the line”

“Msaliti mkubwa wewe, chawa wa UDA kashakula zake afu unatuchosha bure”

“Housing levy tax zetu mmezipeleka kwa anthem ya party yenu”

However, there were others who were receptive of the whole idea.

“That’s great advertisement sauti iko sawa message very strong”

Country Headed In Wrong Direction

According to a July report by Infotrack, 72 per cent of Kenyans felt that the country was on a wrong direction.

This is due to the current rising food prices coupled with the high cost of living.

It also saw the Opposition leading anti-government protests in a bid to lower food prices.

So far, the government has managed to tame the picketing.

What’s your take on the 3M UDA National Anthem competition?

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September 29, 2023

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