Rufftone Speaks About His Relationship With First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and Family Planning

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ruffsDid you know that Rufftone’s Mungu Baba hit music is the number one favourite Music for the first Lady Margaret Kenyatta?

Well you now know. Yesterday superstar producer, artist, and all around happy guy Ruffton  during an interview with Ghetto radio’s Breakfast Show Hosts Majimaji and King Kafu admitted that his Collaboration with the GSU was a bonus to him in all his years in the music industry.

Rufftone says his Collaboration with the GSU came as a plus for him as the song elevated him even higher in the industry. Rufftone says his collaboration with GSU music team is what cemented his relationship with the President and the first lady and also secured his performance during the Kenya@50 celebrations.

On the other hand Rufftone seems to be faring on well in his marriage as his profile picture clearly reveals his family is growing bigger.

Rufftone who already has two children says he is not planning at any point family planning methods.

Last year when gospel singer Rufftone was invited by President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House in Nairobi for the 2015 end year party, the baby completely refused to let go off Uhuru’s hands. Rufftone was then forced to stand up as her daddy and “warn” the President using the public address system: “Manze, tuheshimiane… Huyo mtoto ni wangu si wa State House. Tafadhali nirudishie mtoto wangu (Hey man! Let’s respect each other. That child is mine. She doesn’t belong to State House. I need her back now). But it was on a lighter note though.”

Meanwhile Rufftone threatened to walk out of Ghetto radio as he was handed news paper instead of tea.