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Running Battles As Hawkers are Ejected From City Market


Nairobi City County government has today ejected all hawkers selling meat at the City Market, this is after an intensive pressure from the media, ministry of  health and shop owners.

Close to 100 hawkers were ejected their tables and other goods confiscated by the county in a heated running battle this evening  between the county askaris and the hawkers.

According to  director enforcement Ever Muirioko they were acting on a court order obtained by, the shop owners at the City market as well as other factors including health status.

After eviction the hawkers camped at City hall demanding audience with the governor which did not materialise.

They are now accusing Sonko of not heeding to his recent remarks of allowing them to do business in the market.

‘‘We were  told by Sonko to do business here, he is now chasing us out, we have bills to pay ,rents and school fees where do they want us to go?’’ A  trader asked.

Sonko has been on the spot City for allowing hawkers back into the market despite being removed last on health grounds as well as doing business without licence.