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Ruth Matete welcomes baby a few days early after falling sick


Gospel singer Ruth Matete is the newest mum in town after welcoming her baby girl a few days earlier.

Speaking to a local publication, the singer’s father Abel Amunga said the singer had to undergo an emergency Cesarean after getting high blood pressure.

“She had high blood pressure and in order to save both the mother and the child, the doctor recommended a premature cs be done which was successful and both are safe and healthy,” he said.
“ruth was expecting her baby in mid-November but the baby came three weeks earlier. The doctors tried to push it up to around 37 weeks but it was not possible.” Her father said

Ruth Matete had earlier said she is set to welcome a baby boy but her father said a third scan revealed that she was having a baby girl.

“From the time she went for her third scan, we’ve always known it is a girl.
I knew it was a girl from the word go and i spoke out of inspiration like i always do. A lot of people looked at her traits and expected she was expecting a girl but the first word that came from my mouth, i said it is a girl. not because i had any physical thing but out of inspiration and even when the first scans came out, that revealed it was a boy, she asked me if i wanted to cross over to the people who said its a boy but i said no and maintained it was a girl.”He added