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Ruth Matete’s ex Prince denies squandering her TPF money


Gospel singer Ruth Matete’s ex boyfriend Prince Tsyder has refuted allegations that he left her broke after squandering her TPF cash.

Speaking in an interview with Dennis Mugo (OJ) the former Tahidi high actor said when he met Ruth she didn’t even have the cash.

He went on to add that the allegations spoiled his life to the point that even his own family doubted him.

“My relationship with ruth matete was one of the hardest. To some point hajui kama alispoil my life coz watu wanajua tuu tulikuwa kwa relationship. Ooh Tsyder alicome hapa akakula pesa yote na nilimjua kama hiyo doo haiko.” he said

He went on to add that Ruth is a smart person and would not just allow anyone to squander her cash like that.

“I don’t think Ruth is a stupid girl who will allow a man to come and squander her money. She is not that stupid, at least she should have clarified i was a totally different guy. We had challenges just like any other relationships and if you realize i never spoke, my family even started to doubt me.” He added
In a past interview, Ruth had revealed that after giving part of the money as a tithe she fell into depression because of the pressure she was subjected to.

“I tried to commit suicide because i had never been in a place where i was required to handle so much pressure. You switch on the radio and the topic is ruth matete ‘call us and tell us what you think about her dress #ruthmatetedress. It was really hard and i embarked on a fasting journey for 21 days but only managed to fast for 16 days only,’ she said in a previous interview.” She said at the time