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Ruto Blames High Cost Of Unga On Handshake

Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate William Ruto is now blaming the handshake for high prices of Unga commodity.

Ruto who was speaking at a consultative youth forum in Nairobi  says the Jubilee government dropped the ball when the president entered into the  political partnership with the ODM boss Raila Odinga .

According to Ruto the handshake partners have been running the government from 2018 with his office left with nothing and that it squarely to be blamed for high cost of living.

“You can see the sharp rising of prices of Ungaa, fuel and let them not cheat you that nothing can be done…the reason why the price of Unga has risen is because we dropped the ball. In our Big Four agenda one of the pillars was agriculture and food security, it was actually food security and nutrition and we had commitment for fertilizer subsidy to the farmers but later it was removed. That’s why you saw fertilizer that we were buying at Ksh. 2,000 tripled to Ksh. 6,000. So production costs went up and that’s why the final product which is unga became expensive,”Ruto said.

He further revealed that Kenya Kwanza will use Ksh. 50 Billion to cushion farmers with farm inputs and fertilizers a move that we will see prices of Unga go down.

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“I want to assure Kenyans more so then youths who are majority at the bottom of the pyramid that immediately we will reinstate the fertilizer subsidy, we will also ensure we have quality affordable seeds, we have also put aside a revolving fund amounting to Ksh. 30 Billion to facilitate issuance of free farm inputs to millions of farmers to produce surplus food. We will also do extension services and the whole program will cost Ksh. 50 Billion,” he added.

Youths complained of high cost of living, unemployment as major challenges facing them.

Mayutman wako juu ya rock hatuna wera,hakuna kitu ya kishikilia vijana ,tunaipata vihard uko mtaani na ndio maana unaona maboy wengi wameingia udingo na pia  wanashandwa na mangure.sisi tungetaka serikali ya Kenya kwanza iadress challenges zetu juu tukiendelea kuwa juu ya mawe basi crime itazidi.’’ Bony Randa told Kenya kwanza leaders.

By Allan Otieno