In Summary
  • Homes built on disputed Portland Cement land are demolished. 
  • Homeowners cry and tears fall on def ears as demolitions on top gear.
  • Local leaders protest, as homeowners believe the president could have stopped the losses. 

“They flattened a Church, and you tell me Ruto is God fearing! He is a lair. I’m about to lose my parents’ home tomorrow, my mum is frail with kidney failure. We built this home to get her close to us and healthcare. All of this because of a mouth that doesn’t know or care about people who voted for him!” A victim of the demolitions angrily and painfully lamented.

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“Will we eat cement, is cement greater than lives? Do not tell us you care about the common man; you are a lair! You just don’t care; I have nothing to lose right now, I don’t care about this government… come and get me, come and finish me…!” He added.

“Kenyans we must stand up for ourselves, no one cares about us!” He further stated.


About the disputed Athi River EA Portland Cement land

Demolished house at the contested East Africa Portland Cement land in Athi River. PHOTO Courtesy


Hundreds were left homeless as their houses were flattened by bulldozers. Kenya Power and lightening cut off electricity and brought down their power lines, an indicator there was no turning back.

Local leaders and residents’ protests fell on deaf ears as they watched their homes turn to dust! They scrambled to save what they could with no idea of where next to go.

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Governor Wavinya Ndeti appealed to government agencies to stop the demolitions under humanitarian grounds but on day three, nothing would stop. She accused Ruto of betrayal claiming that on conversation with President, he promised to halt the demolitions.

President Ruto and Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti in a past event. PHOTO Courtesy


The contested land is set for EPZ expansion and one of the programs on schedule is the building of a pharmaceutical company. The program was officially opened by the which the president where he announced that the government pledged to allocate land to the Athi River Special Economic Zone to boost its operations.

“The land grabbers who illegally seized the land will be evicted to pave way for the EPZ expansion.” President Ruto said.

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People have settled on the land as squatters for more than 10 years. This was after Portland Cement finished its mining operations. After a long court battle, East Africa Portland Cement was declared the legal landowner LR NO. 10424, setting stage for the ongoing evictions.

The land is estimated at 4,298 acres, and is located along Mombasa Road, South of Athi River Township in Machakos County.



October 15, 2023

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