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Ruto pokes holes into the BBI Report


Deputy President William Ruto has poked holes into the BBI report explaining his reservations about it.

Ruto questioned the independence of the judiciary in the BBI report saying that the appointment of the Ombudsman officials by the executive will undermine the authority of the judiciary.

According to Ruto, this recommendation might take Kenyans to the dark days when the executive issued orders to judges.

Ruto’s other concern about the BBI was on the appointment of commissioners of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

“My brother Raila Odinga is good at football. So, let me ask: How fair a league will it be where the referee is appointed by some teams. Unless you persuade me that we will end up with a fair game. I have my reservations,” said Ruto.

“I’ve confessed I’m a scientist but I’m a bit slow. Explain to me how having a President who will appoint the Prime Minister from the winning coalition and runners up being opposition leader will sort out the ‘winner-take-it-all’ question. Forgive me if I’m slow,” he said.

On the proposal to boost devolution, Ruto said that increasing resources to counties from the current 15 per cent to 35 per cent will need to be accompanied by strengthening the Senate.

He also highlighted his opinion regarding the removal of the Woman Representative position from the Parliament, saying that the same needs to be rethought.