President William Ruto has officially trademarked his renowned phrase ‘mambo ni matatu‘.

In Summary:

• President Ruto trademarks his popular “Mambo ni Matatu” phrase

• Use of this phrase for any commercial purposes will now require legal licensing from Ruto.

This three-word slogan, which loosely translates to “it’s just three things”, has resonated deeply with many Kenyans and has found its way into the daily lexicon of citizens today.

A Symbol of Simplicity

According to recent documents from the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI), the patent was filed by attorney, Adrian Kamotho.

At the heart of ‘mambo ni matatu’ lies the idea of simplicity and straight-forwardness within governance.

Ruto had warned that any corrupt officials had three options; leave the country, go to jail or go to “heaven”.

In an era where Kenyan officials were often criticized for their double standards, the president used this phrase to assure a clear and direct governance.

Ruto’s Cultural Significance

Kenyans from all walks of life began using ‘mambo ni matatu’ to describe things in their day to day lifes. Soon enough, billboards with the same phrase started to pop up.

With the trademarking of ‘mambo ni matatu’, there will be commercial implications. It means that any commercial use of the phrase will require official licensing or permission.

This move is expected to regulate its use in merchandise, advertisements, and other platforms where individuals or entities may seek to profit from its widespread recognition.

As leaders come and go, they often leave behind slogans, speeches, or actions that define their tenure. For President Ruto, ‘mambo ni matatu‘ will undoubtedly be one such defining element. Rudi Nyumbani.

October 12, 2023

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