Kenya’s President William Ruto held a surprise meeting on Monday, 29th of May with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in attempts to seal relations among both countries and strengthen their alliance.

In summary:

• President Ruto holds surprise meeting with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

•Kenya and Russia to sign trade pact to boost business relations.

• Kenya remains neutral when it comes to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

This meeting comes under the circumstances of the war in Ukraine as both countries, Russia and Ukraine seek allies in Africa.

The Foreign Minister highlighted some of the topic of discussion that mostly included the establishment of a stable supply of products and also matters pertaining to international relations.

“During our visit we will discuss our cooperation in the trade, investment and economic spheres, humanitarian and cultural questions, education, cooperation in the UN and many other issues,” read a translated speech from the Russian foreign ministry.

The Trade Pact.

The leaders agreed on the huge potential of trade relations between the two countries and agreed that Kenya and Russia will sign a trade pact that is set to boost business between the two countries.

The state representatives also agreed on the necessity to reform the United Nations Security Council to make it more inclusive and more tuned to the needs of current times.

President Ruto added that Africa should indeed be represented at the security council and should take part in the UN’s decision making process.

“The continent can bring to the table rich ideas, suggestions and experiences that would serve the globe well,” said the president.

The War in Ukraine.

On the crucial matter of the Russia-Ukraine War, President Ruto made clear on the state’s position of respect for territorial boundaries but added that the republic will remain neutral on the matter.

“Kenya won’t take sides on a matter that has friends on both sides. However, we call for a resolution of the conflict in a manner respectful to the two parties,” explored Ruto.

Russia’s history and involvement with African affairs goes further back than most realise. Such ties can be traced to the latter days of the colonion period, when the Soviet Union championed itself as an anti-colonialist defender.

By J.K.Raminya

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