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A Sad note to one of the fallen female Gangsters a friend!!

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This is a sad Note from one of the fallen female Gangsters best friend from Eastlands.

This gal by the name becky
We grew from da same village mukure at ngiriambu at kirinyaga county you were da brightest gal we had in our village u were da obedient gal that many parent were reffering their children to
U emerged to be da best pupil in KCPE at Mwanianjau primary school
Becky u den came to Nairobi to join form one. U started funny behaviours in form 2. U joined a group of girls which led u to be a thief
Ur mom talked to u bt u never listened to her she went to the village and said all bad things u were doing. Later your shosh called u home n talked to u n u promised ur shosh dat uve changed even u cried to make shosh believe dat ull change
The next report we had from ur mom was dat she came to ur house and got guns under ur matress and he went to call the police and come and arrest u so that u wont be killed. Becky after knowing dis u went missing n ur mom went to the village and said amenawa mikono juu yako wangojee maiti kama umepigwa risasi
It hurted every one and everyone cried because of u becky tukijua how good u were
The next time I personally met u at hunters on your way to mwiki n u assured me that u were no longer a thief n u apologised for not attending to ma graduation which I had invited u
The next thing I heard was a call from ma mom telling me that Rebecca wenu ameuawa saika kayole na kama huamini enda utafte gazeti ako huko
I never believed it I cried bt I could do nothing everyone talked to u becky u never reformed ur shosh up to date still cries because of u you were too young to die 16>17 years becky hatujawai amini bt u died n we never expected dat u left us with tears asking God y?

N you guys u r in crime u dont how much pain ur relatives are going through it hurts to see someone u love die of a bullet yet u can reform it hurts to burry a friend u schooled wid just because of crime I can write more to tell youths to get rid of crime bt I cant see anything ma eyes full of tears
I told God let becky be last one to die of bullets




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