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Sad!!! This is Why “They” Want Conjestina Achieng Dead (Pics)


conje2Rumors suggesting that former boxer Conjestina Achieng is dead have been harshly refuted by her elder brother William Ochieng who claimed that the bad omen rumors were started by a someone responsible for grabbing her land in Kasarani.

“Conjestina is not dead. We must know the person spreading this bad information all over. We must get this person. That is the investigation we are doing right now,” said Ochieng to the press as according

Additionally Ochieng also mentioned a ‘certain’ model as the suspected source of the death rumors. Ochieng furtjer disclosed that the suspected model once offered to help Conjestina recover.

“I know very well it must be people who we are accused of grabbing Conjestina’s land in Luckysummer area around Kasarani, we also suspect a model that once offered to help Conjestina and a very close friend of Conjestina who had offered her a rental house at Luckysummer estate in  Nairobi for starting the death rumors. Amongst the three,we must get one who is responsible for the bad information,” concluded Ochieng whilst talking to Citizen Digital.

The rumors about the former boxer’s death first streamed to the media through populous street Dj Arika’s Facebook page before going viral last Tuesday night.

We have also learnt that Conjestina had been enrolled to a local rehabilitation facility in Kisumu Yala to treat her alleged bhang addiction but escaped after becoming too violent to be handled.

All said,Conjestina is Alive and kicking though under a critical medical condition.