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  • The Group has increased its Group Service Revenue by 5.2% to KES 295.7 billion while the Group net income excluding minority interest declined by 10.6%
  • Voice service revenue declined by 2.6% to KES 81.1 billion

Safaricom has increased its net income by three percent to 74.5 Billion in the year 2022/2023.

Safaricom C.E.O Mr. Peter Ndegwa says that the Group has increased its Group Service Revenue by 5.2% to KES 295.7 billion while the Group net income excluding minority interest declined by 10.6% attributable to expected start-up costs and investment in rolling out operations in Ethiopia within the year.

Voice service revenue declined by 2.6% to KES 81.1 billion; mobile data revenue grew by 11.4% to KES 54.0 billion, while M-PESA revenue grew by 8.8% to KES 117.2 billion.

Mr Ndegwa said: “We have delivered a solid set of results despite the tough operating environment occasioned by slowdown in business activity in an election year in Kenya, tough macro environment as well as change in mobile termination rates which impacted our voice revenues significantly. The business is stable and regained a strong positive momentum in the second half of the year.

“Looking into the future, we passionately believe that our business is well-positioned to support our customers and provide technology solutions as we transition into a purpose-led technology organization in line with our 5 YR strategy.”

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Safaricom Ethiopia Licensed

Today also saw Safaricom Ethiopia also granted the license to operate mobile money services in Ethiopia. The licence, coming seven months after the commercial launch of GSM services.

The M-PESA license will open the country to the world’s largest mobile payment system and Africa’s largest Fintech, and the world’s first mobile money transfer system.

Peter Ndegwa, Safaricom PLC CEO said: “We are excited that this is a great milestone following our entry into Ethiopia. This positions us to provide essential financial services to the Ethiopian population. We are looking forward to launch and roll out the service over the next few months.”

M-PESA empowers over 30 million customers to transact, save or borrow money through their mobile phone. M-PESA catalysed financial inclusion in Kenya to 84% from a low of 26.7% in 2006 according to the 2021 FinAccess Survey and generated over KES 117.2 billion ($886 million) in revenue in FY23.

He added: “Since the commercial launch in October, the brand is visible, deeply rooted in the Ethiopia and quickly becoming in every sense fabric of the society. The potential for Ethiopia is immense and we look forward to the future with optimism and excitement.”

In the period under review, Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia added close to 3 million customers and built a distributor network of over 114 outlets, delivered an award-winning premium quality network in 22 cities and regions; with close to 1300 network sites and over 900 staff, 81% of whom are Ethiopians.


  • Service Revenue 5.2% to KES 295.7 Bn.
  • Voice revenue -2.6% to KES 81.1 Bn
  • M-PESA revenue 8.8% to KES 117.2 Bn.
  • Mobile data revenue +11.4% to KES 54.0 Bn.
  • Total customer base 8.1% to 45.9Mn.
  • One-month active M-PESA customers 5.2% to 32.1Mn.
  • One-month active mobile data customers 7.0% to 26.1Mn

Net Income

  1. Safaricom Group excluding Minority Interest -10.6% to KES 62.3 Bn
  2. Safaricom Plc Kenya, +3.0% to KES 74.5 Bn
  3. Safaricom PLC Operating Free Cash Flow +4.3% to KES 115.7 Bn.

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