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Saida Karoli’s life in danger

Saida Karoli's life in danger

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Popular Tanzanian singer Saida Karoli claims her life is in danger.

According to the singer, a man who was paid to kill her confessed to her and now she’s scared that witchcraft might also be used on her like before.

The singer claims that there are people who are not happy with her major come back especially after she made her chart-topping single “Orugambo.”

“The man approached and provided me with names of the people who paid him to eliminate me. He said: ‘They have asked me to kill you even before you reach Mwanza’.

I was headed for a performance in Mwanza at the time. “I had to cancel the concert and several others that I was to headline. The man advised me to do so.” she said

“I was to hold a concert in Bukoba after the Mwanza event. I had to put it on hold, waiting to see how things would unfold after that man’s statement,” she added.

The singer said she reported the matter to the police fearing for her life. “I was bewitched in the past; I received death threats too. I know how serious they are. Nonetheless, I believe God will protect me against my enemies,”.



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