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Sailors Gang take a swipe at KRG the Don, he responds (Video)



Gengetone group Sailors gang have taken a swipe at rapper and producer KRG the don in their latest song.

In the song dubbed Chepukati, the gengetone group mentions KRG the don in a line in response to KRG’s sentiments in a previous interview.

“stepy step na step niiringa
juu ya luku fine ndula ni Adddas
Tuki modke jua watabuya
Hii ni Saiors mbogi ya wajajnja
KRG uliskia wapi dinga?
Tunadai ship kama na mzinga
me napenda boom booom tukuparty” the lyrics go.

In a rejoinder, KRG fired back at Sailors terming the song as total trash and asked them to respect their elders.

KRG tells off Sailors to look for cash first and steer clear of tiny beefs.

“Eti Sailors wamenitaja kwa kawimbo kao?  tell dem not to fvck wid #bughaaa am not on their level #bomboclat. Niliwaambia mtie bidii mtafute pesa muwache hii mambo ya kusumbua watu. Sasa mkinitaja kwa ngoma na haiwezi sijui kanaitwa chepukati … buda, ukitaka kuomoka piga kazi na muheshimu maboss” he said

In his response KRG said he will be dropping a proper diss track to teach the gengetone group how diss tracks are done.

“Ngojeni muone ngoma imeenda shule, video ni hatari sio hiyo yenu mnashoot kwa white screen hata hamna drinks. Kwa video mnasema mnataka meli, meli mtafanyia nini na mnaishi kwa vumbi? Mtaendesha meli kwa vumbi? Muwache hii mambo ya kubishana na sisi. Hamtawezana. Sisi ni artistes. What is gengetone? Imekwisha! Corona ikiisha pia gengetone itakuwa imeisha.” He added

The beef between KRG and Sailors started way back when they dropped their collaboration ‘Nyandus’

According to KRG the group’s former management frustrated their effort to shoot the song’s video and he ended up spending so much money on a project that never worked.

In a previous interview he also revealed that working with Sailor’s gang was one very difficult task adding that he prefers working with rivals Boondocks any time.

“The management of sailors expected me to pay for everything which wasn’t in the agreement. There was a lot of back and forth with mwalimu rachel and on the first day we were to shoot the video, they didn’t turn up. Sailors took me round in circles, we didn’t even shoot a video. We had a very good song that would have come to top all gengetone songs.  Lost a lot of money because i had paid for everything; venue, equipment, directors, models etc. They said hawawezi shoot bila pesa na ni usiku. I was like why are you charging me? Boondocks anytime. But peter (miracle baby) is a nice guy big respect to him and cocos juma of sailors. The rest are just danda heads. And take it from me, you will not go anywhere! Actually for you guys to own a car it will take you like 5 years of your career take it from me and i have said it! “ he said at the time