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Sakaja Asks Nairobians To Shun Tribal Politics, Embrace Unity

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Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has asked Nairobi residents to shun leaders campaigning on tribal lines.

Sakaja says that Nairobi is a city full of diversity and that leaders trying to divide Nairobians should be shunned.

“There is only one tribe in Nairobi. There is no difference between a Kikuyu, Luo or even a Luhya. We only understand one language and that is peace,” said Sakaja.

“There is a crop of politicians that has entered Nairobi and the politicians are trying to divide Nairobians. We will not accept that. Because when we have problems, we do not ask our neighbours what tribe they are before they help us, the same is with blood transfusion, no one asks the tribe of the owner blood he/she is about to be given,” he stated.

Sakaja who has declared his interest for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat says that as a Nairobi leader he has always engaged different politicians regardless of their parties.


According to him, the interest of Nairobi residents and voters should always be put first hence his engagement with leaders from other political parties.

“Ofcourse you know the seat I am going for, I am going for the governor’s seat in Nairobi so I must listen to my people,” He said.

“I have always advocated for unity among our leaders and I have a good relationship with all our major leaders… for me what is important is where the heart of Nairobians is,” he stated.

Sakaja stated that when the right time comes, he will announce the Party whose ticket he will use to vie.



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