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  • Omanga says she is not intimidated by Sakaja’s actions.
  • She called on Sakaja to keep off her businesses.

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has allegedly closed down former nominated senator Millicent Omanga’s Businesses in Nairobi.

Omanga Not Happy

This was revealed by Omanga through a tweet on Friday.

“Governor Sakaja has sent county askaris to close down my businesses in Nairobi despite my businesses operating with all the requisite licenses. This illegal and unjustified action follows my comment on the Auditor General’s report on Nairobi County, which appears to have infuriated him,” She posted on X.

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An angry Omanga wondered why the governor took such a drastic move yet she had the necessary licenses for operating the businesses.

She has termed the move by the governor as illegal and unjustified.

She further alleged that Sakaja could have taken the decision following Omanga’s move to criticize and mock Sakaja following the auditor general’s report on Nairobi County.

“I am utterly disgusted by the wanton looting and pilfering of Nairobi County finances through exorbitant legal fees paid to lawyers as contained in the latest Auditor-General’s report. We were told, “Let’s Make Nairobi Work”! Is this the way to do it? Nairobi deserves better!!!,” she said.

She intimated that the governor could have been unhappy by her postings on social media recently.

Omanga has further said that she would not allow to be bullied and intimidated asking the governor to keep off her businesses.

Senate vs Sakaja

Sakaja has been under fire over the management of the country with critiques alleging he is not working and benefiting the people of Nairobi, allegations that the governor has refuted calling for patience.

He was recently fined 1 million shillings by the senate for allegedly skipping senate summons.

An unhappy Sakaja scoffed at the senate’s move for sensationalizing the matter.

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“It is the same members who announced that I was out of the country on Monday who are now up in arms that I am away. I have appeared severally and will continue to do so,’’ He posted on X.

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