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  • The unfortunate incident happened yesterday.
  • Sakaja Considering taking him back to school.

Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja has met 14 year old minor Ndagire Renova who was allegedly dragged by a County Government askari spilling his trading peanuts on ground.
The governor says the Minor has been using a tactic of getting into argument with law enforcers and whenever apprehended he spill his goods to attract public sympathy.

According to county statement  the unfortunate incident is a similar with that witnessed at City Market with the same victim.
Sakaja has also discussed various options to assist the minor including reaching Burundian Ambassador to Kenya for possible collaboration to return him to school back at home.

“Enforcement officers have also been implored upon to treat traders with dignity and in a
humane manner. Unfortunately, when Ndagire was caught and the enforcement officer
impounded his goods, the minor struggled spilling its contents on to the ground after the handle
broke. This is something he has been reported to having previously done at Afya Centre and
outside City Market. A number of hawkers employ this tactic, which naturally attracts sympathy
and public outrage and prevents their further arrest.” The statement reads in part.

“Following the meeting with the Governor, the County has engaged the Ambassador of Burundi
to Kenya Ms Ntahonkuriye Emmernece to ensure the young man is supported in his best
interests to resume school and secure a future. The County will further engage with the Ministry
of Foreign Affairs to address the issue of child trafficking and immigration where there has been
an influx of illegal hawkers and beggars from neighboring countries flooding Nairobi.” The statement reads.
Sakaja also raised concerns over increasing number of illegal hawkers and beggars in the streets of Nairobi calling on the foreign affairs ministry together with Immigration department to come with measures to curb the trend.

CBD Hawkers Reactions

“The county askaris should find away of dealing with Human beings we can’t as a county pull PR stunt everyday just to justify our actions.The kanjos must be human and treat people with dignity we have by laws why should continue harrasing hawkers everyday in the name enforcing the same law.” Caleb Muya CBD hawker said.
“Hatujakata mtu hukosa lakini akibreak Sheria basi awe handled vipoa si kumwaga vitu zake za biz ama kuzishika sio poa I think this must stop na gavana wetu Sakaja amalizane na hao makanjo wanachukua Sheria into their hands.” Another hawker said.

November 22, 2023

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