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Sakaja Pledges To Address Unclear Issues Surrounding Nairobi Urbanization Programme

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Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has pledged to get to the bottom of the unclear plans surrounding the urbanization programme that is set to see old estates in Nairobi demolished and new flats built.

Sakaja who met representatives of at least seven of the estates that are set to be demolish says that there is need for transparency, public participation and accountability in the programme.

The senator says that he will summon leaders from the Nairobi County Government and the Nairobi Metropolitan Services to the senate to clear the issues.

“There is need for transparency, public participation and accountability on the plans by the County Govt and NMS on the urban housing ventures. We agreed to bring together through the Senate, the agencies involved and the resident associations to discuss all unclear issues,” said Sakaja.

He says that the goal for the whole project is to give affordable houses and low income earners should be considered.


He claims that some cartels have fixed themselves into the project and made the houses very expensive and unaffordable for Kenyans.

“There are some guys who want the prices of the houses to go up for rich Kenyans to occupy them. A good example if the Pangani project where houses are currently going for around Ksh. 20,000 whilst they used to pay Ksh. 3,000 in their previous houses,” he said.

“We want to put a stop to that and I am urging Nairobi people to stay calm until we address the issue. The ultimate goal is to give people affordable houses,” he said.

A fortnight ago, Majengo Highrise residents held demonstrations to protest against an eviction notice given to them by the NHC over rent arrears.

The residents claim that the rent arrears calculated by the NHC were not according to the rate they were given when they occupied the houses during President Moi’s reign.

Other estates that are set to be demolished are also fearing a situation where the houses will be made very expensive for them to afford.



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