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Sakaja resigns from Senate Covid-19 Committee, apologizes for flouting curfew rules


Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has resigned as the Chairperson of the Senate Adhoc Committee on Covid-19.

Speaking outside Kilimani Police Station on Monday, Sakaja apologized to Kenyans for flouting curfew orders that led to his arrested on Friday night.

He asked Kenyans to forgive him as he was a human being prone to errors, further announcing his resignation from the Senate’s committee on Covid19 which he had been serving as Chairman.

“On flouting the rules, I was wrong and I’m sorry. I will face the law like any other Kenyan. I take responsibility for having flouted the Covid-19 rules, I was outside my home past 9 pm. It is regrettable but all of us make mistakes,” he said

Sakaja was accompanied by  Kitui counterpart Mutula Kilonzo and lawyer John Khaminwa as he recorded his statement at the Kilimani Police Station.

The Senator, however, condemned the police for what he termned as harassment on his wife and children when the security officers visited his house.

“However, what I found unfair was the harassment meted on my family from Saturday to Sunday. I’m not a fugitive, I was released on a cash bail and if they wanted me to appear, they should have summoned me. There is no need to send 50 police officers brandishing guns on my children. They committed no crime. My first born son is 8 years while the second born is six years old. I have a daughter who is one year old, why subject them to that kind of trauma,” he added