• Sakaja Suspends 3 Top Inspectorate Officers Over Harassment of Nairobians.
  • Suspended officers includes Security and Compliance boss  Tony Kimani and Director inspectorate Benjamin Omondi.

In Summary

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has suspended with immediate effect to three top security officers over continued harassment of City residents especially hawkers, traders among others.
Those suspended includes Chief officer Security and Compliance Tony Kimani, Director City Inspectorate Benjamin Omondi and deputy director in charge of Operation Carol Njuguna.
“In the pursuit of order in Nairobi City County the people of Nairobi must be treated in a human manner with utmost care and dignity. Following a series of events and investigations into recent incidences in various parts of the city involving traders, motorists, business owners and the following officers be suspended. Security and Compliance Tony Kimani, Director of City Inspectorate Benjamin Omondi and Assistant Director Carol Njuguna…” the statement by Acting County Secretary Patrick Analo reads in part.

Quick Reactions

“I think is a good move and that what a functional County Government should do..we can’t have a county that depends on rumours and public relations..the said officers oversaw atrocities and harassment against hawkers,traders and other Nairobians so on this the governor has scored and it should trickle down to junior officers terrorising Nairobians.” A resident said.
“It was long overdue Kanjos have not been acting well of late and their conduct is wanting.” Another resident said.
More to follow

November 29, 2023

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