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Sakaja threatens to obtain warrant of arrest against Sonko


sakajaNairobi Senator Johnstone Sakaja has threatened to move to court to compel the court to issue a warrant of arrest against Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

Sakaja who was speaking in Embakasi yesterday, bashed Sonko for demolishing a building in Embakasi despite court orders instructing against the demolition.

“I am giving my own lawyers, tomorrow we are going to get a warrant of arrest against all those county officials that have disobeyed the court order.,” said Sakaja.

Sakaja stated that Sonko is not above the law and therefore he should obey court orders that his seniors are also obeying.

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“Nobody in this country is above the law, even president Uhuru Kenyatta obeys the law, Raila Odinga obeys court orders, so Governor Sonko who are you? Who is OCPD, who are you Tito Kilonzi?,” said Sakaja.

Sakaja accused Sonko of forgetting where he came from and frustrating the youth who voted for him.

“How do these people want Nairobi residents to live, you build a kibanda, they demolish, you buy a bodaboda they follow you, the youth are being shot dead, what do these people want?” said Sakaja.

Sakaja was in the company of Babu Owino and other Embakasi East politicians when he made the statements.