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Sakaja Wants Kenyans With Waiting Cards To Be Allowed To register As Voters


Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has urged the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission to allow Kenyans with waiting cards register as voters.

Sakaja says that the waiting card is also a government document that shows one is a bonafide citizen of the country hence the need to register as a voter.

Speaking after meeting a group of aspiring and former Nairobi MCAs, Sakaja stated that the move will accommodate Kenyans who have lost their IDs in disasters and unlawful demolitions to exercise their rights.

“The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission must come up with a rapid response initiative to ensure that people with waiting cards are allowed to vote because we have many Kenyans who have been forced to move because of various disasters,” said Sakaja.

“We have those who moved after their houses burnt down with everything including their IDs, we have those whose houses were demolished and were forced to move. All these people must be accommodated. When someone has his or her finger prints taken, it means that they are already in the system so they should be allowed to register as voters,” said the senator.


The senator has also urged the registrar of persons to conduct an awareness campaign to have Kenyans who have not collected their IDs, collect them and register.

“I am also asking the registrar of persons to make sure that through the chiefs, through the government administration officers, through the churches and through all these other places that they can tell all those people who have not collected their IDs to collect them,” he said.

The senator met approximately 85 aspiring and former MCAs in Nairobi who pledged to support his governorship bid.