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  • “Salimia Denno? he’s not deaf! wife laments.
  • She’s pushing for inclusivity for people living with disabilities.
  • Denno’s wife affirmed their union as divine.

Denno’s wife, Faith Njoroge has revealed one of her lowest moments which she has to deal with on a daily basis. When people meet the couple, she’s bombarded with greetings meant for her husband in his presence thinking that he’s also deaf only for Denno to reply back in their utter disbelief.

“It affects me because tuko wawili unamuona n yeye, why would you think that he cannot see you, he cannot also hear so unaweza tembea na yeye unaskia mtu anawaambia ‘aah salimia Denno sana and then ye mwenyewe anasema aah mi nimegoteka (chuckles) anakuonyesha nimeskia it’s good that ukuje unisalimie” she lamented.

However, she maintained that she won’t judge people harshly noting that they have a withdrawing perception when they meet people with disabilities.

Still, she’s pushing for inclusivity towards people living with disabilities affirming their hidden greatness.

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She pointed out how people with disabilities are disqualified during job openings from the word go. One has to go the extra mile to land the opportunity.

It does not end there, she went further and narrated one of Denno’s nasty daytime encounter.

So Denno alights from a Matatu in the company of a friend, their plan is to have a meal at this restaurant in town. However, a security guard blocks them from an alleged begging spree huh!

“Walishuka gari wakiwa tu na beshte yake and then they walked into a restaurant na hiyo restaurant ilikuwa na guard apo nje na huyo guard aliwatreat vibaya na aliwaambia ‘This is not a place to come and beg, hii si place mnafaa kukuja kubeg and they were actually getting to the restaurant to have lunch”

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Divine Union

Faith further affirmed her union being a divine one. God had spoken to her about her man not being able to see her scars long before she met Denno.

She had a wound which required skin grafting and sections of her body had to fetched in patching the affected areas.

Inwardly, she wondered on what type of man would love her that way.

Now, when she met Denno she remembered her conversation with God on how her man won’t be able to see her marks.

Her prayer was answered, came a wedding and soon two kids and they’re doing just fine. She noted that challenges are there in marriage but God is always the comforter.

Like when they went broke, many people speculated forgetting that despite Denno being a celebrity he’s also human.

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Marriage is a beautiful thing and so is being loved, Faith unwaveringly swore to stick by Denno maintaining that his love is sincere.

Truly, Denno dedicated a love song “Nakupenda” to Faith barely four years ago.


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