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  • The statement signed by Kensalt General Manager Arpan Roy states the increase is to ensure enough supply of salt in the country.
  • The move by Kensalt comes amidst a rise in the cost of other essential household items.

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Kenyans will be forced to dig deeper into their pockets to buy table salt after Kensalt Limited Company announced an increase in prices beginning Saturday, April 15, 2023.
In a statement on Friday, KenSalt stated that every ton produced will see an additional Ksh. 1,000 plus VAT.
The statement signed by KenSalt General Manager Arpan Roy stated that the increase was to ensure enough supply of salt in the country.

“We wish to inform you that due to a continuous rise in the cost of production, we have been forced to increase our prices by Ksh.1,000 per ton plus VAT with effect from 15 April 2023. This increase was necessary in order to continue supplying you with salt without fail.” Read the statement.

KenSalt General Manager Arpan Roy

High Cost of living

'Njaa Revolution' protests over rising food prices in Nairobi. Pic by ANDREW KASUKU
‘Njaa Revolution’ protests over rising food prices in Nairobi. Pic by ANDREW KASUKU

Currently, a packet of one kilogram of salt (Kensalt) retails for about Ksh.30 to Ksh.40 in the country, with a 2kg packet going for about Ksh.70 to Ksh.80.
Meanwhile President William Ruto has announced that his administration would lower the prices of unga beginning next week down to Ksh. 150.
“The price of maize flour will drop starting next week,” said Ruto.
The high cost of living is one of the reasons why Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party called for mass protests that almost paralyzed the country.

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Raila on Thursday during a meeting with Civil Society activists threatened to resume maandamano after Ramadhan. This was at a town hall meeting with opposition politicians, activists and lobby groups. A people’s baraza is scheduled today at Kamkunji grounds in Kibra Nairobi kicking off the public debate.
Raila stated that the maandamano would run side by side with the bipartisan talks that has 7 MPs from Azimio and another 7 MPs from Kenya Kwanza.

April 16, 2023

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