Mugithi star Samidoh has told off a man asking him to ‘lend’ him his baby mama Karen Nyamu.

According to the fan, he wants to make things right for the nominated senator.

The fan was reacting to a photo of Karen Nyamu when he commented saying, “Si uniachie hii mkuu nikuoneshe vile inatengenezwa.’ Begged the fan.

Samidoh sarcastically responded asking the fan to work on himself first, “Jitengeneze kwanza.”


A few weeks ago the Kikuyu Benga musician refused to bow down to pressure of taking home a second wife to please people when he stated that he would never agree to take to his mother a ‘frog’.

I will never agree to take to my mother a frog to please people.” He wrote.

He made the comments after one of his followers encouraged him not to bow to pressure just because someone has his children.

“Samidoh don’t accept to be a slave to your past. Make peace and move on, you don’t have to marry a second wife by force juu amezaa kwa kutaka ama kukutega. And she is not giving you peace either! you have a very mature wife and peaceful! Be content with that and build your home” stated the lady by the name Joyce Wairimu Mbuthia.

By Stella Anyango

February 15, 2023

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