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  • Samidoh’s stern warning to Bernice Saroni!
  • Saroni is Samidoh’s cousin who’s based in the US, she’s a nurse and music promoter.
  • She was behind Samidoh’s successful US tour and also hosted the singer’s estranged wife, Edday Nderitu.

Mugithi star and cop Samidoh has fired a stern warning at his cousin, Bernice Saroni ordering for her silence should she want to reveal what they did together in future. The singer was okay with the sin being aired, however, coming to his name is where he drew the line.

He was not supposed to be mentioned no matter what.

Taking to his Instagram, Samidoh shared an undated selfie with Saroni. Despite the snap capturing the pair in high spirits, the caption dulled it with Samidoh’s firm stance.

“If we ever did something wrong together and the holy spirit touches you to confess one day…Please confess your part only and don’t feature me in your nonsense! Again I say please” shot Samidoh.

Samidoh during a past show PHOTO/INSTAGRAM


Fans Reactions

Samidoh’s post has since elicited mixed reactions from netizens as many continue to speculate on the type of crime the two committed.

It has since been ruled as a ‘genuine warning’ from Samidoh. After all, who wants to be dragged in yesterday’s sins.

Samidoh’s warning has also been translated as a way of ensuring that he remains clean. Word on the street is that the singer who has gone big on philanthropy is eyeing a political seat.

Surprisingly, Saroni also dared Samidoh in her commentary.

“Sema ng’we ni confess” she wrote

We sampled a few of the reactions.

“You are passing message indirectly”

“Bro is a menace”

“Last statement”

“Partners in crime look like this”

Who Is Bernice Saroni

Bernice Saroni is Samidoh’s cousin who is based in the US, she’s a nurse and a music promoter.

She was also behind Samidoh’s successful US tour where she played the role of a pleasant host.

As a single mother, Bernice relocated to the US when her marriage failed and lives there with her children.

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Bernice also hosted Samidoh’s estranged wife, Edday when she left Samidoh in the cold over his involvement with politician, Karen Nyamu.


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