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Sanaipei Tande Exposes The Dark Side Of The Music Industry In Kenya

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Renowned Kenyan star Sanaipei Tande has revealed the high level of sexual harassment in the Kenyan music industry.

Tande says that she has lost several shows because she refused to sleep with promoters.

“I have lost shows because a promoter tells you he wants you to go to Naivasha to perform and we agree and there’s M-Pesa so you can send me my deposit but they want it to be a thing of why don’t we meet…have a drink. We’ll be in Nairobi this weekend…we can do something,” she said.

According to her, many female artists have reached out to her and complained of sexual harassment in the industry.

“There’s casualness in the industry that I could not deal with. A lot of girls would tell me, ‘If you want a DJ to play your song you have to do a little something with him.’ A producer tells you he can produce a song for you for free lakini kuna vile,” she added.


The former radio presenter also recalls how she was sacked because of hosting a show back in 2015.       

“I received a message from the General Manager asking me to see him after the show, “she recalled after receiving a termination letter and a cheque (for compensation) and was asked not to report to work the following day.

Sanaipei was heartbroken after she lost the job but that did not stop her from working hard. She performed at karaokes where she got Sh.10,000 or Sh.11,000 and would wait for days before receiving her payment.

Sanaipei is known for hits like Mfalme wa Mapenzi, Amina and she has performed in films like Aziza, Aunty boss and Varshita.

By Cynthia Kenyani



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