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Sanaipei Tande responds to local Daily after publishing article about her

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Songstress Sanaipei Tande is an angry woman after a local daily published an article about her being dumped twice.

According the songstress, the article was in bad taste and misinforming to her fans.

The article had alleged the singer has sort to do post break up songs aimed at her exes following  a series of bad relationships.

The aricle also claimed Sanaipei’s latest song  Simama Imara is a response to body shamers, something Sanaipei has strongly refuted.

“Simama Imara is not about body shamers its about living your truth, do your homework.” she wrote in part

According to the article, Sanaipei has tried to get into a relationship twice since parting ways with former singer Andrew Manga.

The singer says the whole being dumped experience happened before she started dating Manga whom she dated for close to five years.


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