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Sarah Kabu Says Kabu’s Baby Mamas Are Reason For Their Separation


Bonfire Managing Director Sarah Kabu has revealed that Simon Kabu’s baby mamas are the main reason why they separated.

Sarah says that she has been receiving attacks from the baby mamas after they publicly gifted their children property publicly.

According to Sarah, this in turn led to her discomfort in the marriage hence the separation.

“I knew that Kabu had a daughter and a son with two different women. The baby mamas have been aggressive and stressful towards me ever since we did the public display of gifting our children properties,” said Sarah.

“We have been discussing about separation, I have been telling him that I was not feeling comfortable in this marriage and I am tired of faking so we are in discussion. I was seeing people are getting too inspired by me and I was feeling like I was only showing the good side of me and you are not seeing the bad part,” she continued.

According to Sarah, she wanted a quiet separation and a peaceful co-parenting arrangement.

“I wanted a peaceful co-parenting and separation, I told him I was moving out to an airbnb to clear my mind off. That is when they went and took my children from school and they went for a vacation.  Now I do not know how people think but we are becoming a soft spot for people that is also why we decided to show the other part of us like we always argue. People saw us as the perfect couple yet we are not because we always had our challenges,” She added.

She also accused Kabu of using her hard earned money to take care of his other families.

 “You try to build your empire and then the money goes to support his blood. To me, they are not part of me. There is nothing we can do about it. I take it as a charity project. It has not been a big deal since I have been on the journey by even guiding him to some of the good schools he can take them. But for me, he should carry his own cross,” Sarah said.