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Sarah Kabu slams Kilimani Mums for body shaming her


Bonfire adventure’s Sarah Kabu was recently body shamed for her dress code during a recent event.

Mrs. Kabu had worn a purple sequined dress that hugged her body and of course Kilimani mums and dads found something to talk about.

She was called out for putting on an outfit that showed her bulging tummy and she did not take the comments lightly.

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Sarah said she appreciates the gossip at kilimani mums because it’s sometime entertaining adding that people should leave her alone.

Watu a Kilimani lazima walete udaku, it’s okay we appreciate, sometimes hii udaku huchangamsha watu for us who work so hard. I don’t go to social media until 10 pm when I go to bed so sometimes naonanga hiyo udaku usiku. Ladies hiding in pseudo accounts…why do you imagine am rich? Am struggling like anyone else just dancing in the rain…Why do u want me to be a supermodel? My villageness is my heritage.” she said

Sarah also hit back at those urging her hubby to find a more petite looking wife saying the Mr. Kabu likes an all-natural woman.

“Why do u think my husband wants a slay queen like u…he can’t even stand your makeups n dry bodies…wish u know how he comments! He so loves the natural woman with a touch of innocence…nkt! Now u have the secret try your luck next time u meet him,” she added