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Saumu Mbuvi Accuses Boyfriend Snatcher Aeedah Of Still Stalking Her Rich Friends


Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi has attacked Lamu Senator Anwar’s wife Aeedah Bambi and accused her of still going after her rich friends.

Saumu said that her former best friend Aeedah who is currently married to her ex-boyfriend Senator Anwar Loitiptip has been following her through her pseudo accounts and stalking her rich friends.

“Kuna mtu ananikera sana out here and I have to address this because I think it is too much. This woman is following me with private accounts following all my partners’ rich partners. Taking my instagram as a dating site na bado umeachiwa mpaka mwanaume. What do you want like you are just for the streets hutosheki mwanamke,” said Saumu.

Saumu told the senator’s wife to stick to her lanes and focus on her life instead of following up people’s lives.

“Can you keep off my friends, I will actually block this account so that you live na maisha yako penye uko and stop following my life because we are not on the same lane,” added Saumu.

Aeedah who was seemingly unhappy with Saumu’s sentiments posted a reply stating that she will not attack Saumu back but instead pray for her.

“Ladies when another woman talks bad about you for no reason at all, Don’t be so quick to clap back. Pray for that woman. She sees something in you that she doesn’t see in herself. Remember confidence is silent and insecurity is loud!” wrote Aeedah.


The two were friends before Aeedah got married to Saumu’s baby daddy Lamu Senator Anwar in a private wedding.

When Edgar Obare exposed the relationship between senator Anwar and Aeedah, Saumu stated that she did not care who the senator dates.

 “Ata akue sister ya Bambi, iko nini? It is 2021. I do not care guys. Guys do not stress yourself on small things. Depression is real and it is taking people out. I cannot waste my time on small things. This life I cannot kill myself ooh,” she said.


By Emmaline Owuor