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Why Saumu Mbuvi and Boyfriend Broke Up Despite Expecting Twins (PHOTOS)

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Seems to me that all these publicly paraded relationships and weddings end up miserably. Prezzo and Daisy, DNG and Wife, Betty Kyalo and Okari, Marya and Colonel Mustafa….name them.

However, for someone who just enjoyed an exquisite baby shower ceremony, is the daughter of a flamboyant most sought after politician and expecting twins in a few weeks …..a breakup with unborn kids dad must have been heart wrenching and that is exactly what Saumu Mbuvi might be going through.

Rumors doing rounds claim that Saumu is back at her mom’s posh house in Runda after she walked from her boyfriend-Benson Gatu’s home.

It is believed through unconfirmed sources that Sonko might have provoked the alleged break up with endless disapproval of the lawyer relationship with the daughter.

“I am very bitter about this and advise other leaders not to allow their daughters or family members to fall into this trap,” Sonko reportedly said. –

Gatu,25 is a lawyer seeking to run for  the Mathioya Parliamentary seat.

The rumor was later stirred up by a latest Instagram post by Saumu that read;

“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves u.Grows you or makes you happy.”

Below are a number of the once cute couple when they were still smitten with each other from JKUAT Karen campus.



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