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  • Sauti Sol and Harmonize thrilled their Dar es Sallam fans during the ‘Superior Sets Show’.
  • The Kenyan boy band flew to Bongo to offer support to their Tanzanian counterpart during his concert.
  • The two share a long history of friendship, Harmonize did also perform at Sauti Sol’s ‘Sol Fest’ showpiece in 2022 in Nairobi.

Sauti Sol and Harmonize brought Dar es Sallam to a stop during the ‘Superior Sets Show’ held on Saturday.

The Kenyan boy band flew to Bongo to offer support to their Tanzanian counterpart in a show of solidarity.

However, the night was Harmonize’s and truly he didn’t disappoint.

The Konde Gang President wore a patched denim pant and jacket which he did away with during the show.

His trademark chains also dangled on his chest complementing his look.

The stage was well lit with a live band on set.

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Harmonize performed some of his best hits with the audience joining in unison.

Among the song’s that saw this was ‘Naogopa’ a collaborative piece with Marioo.

Harmonize was full of life with excitement written on his face.

His vibration was felt more when he routinely pulled dance moves backed up by dancers.

His surprise ‘falls’ were out of this world and was a testament of great practice.

Harmonize goes bare chest backed up by dancers PHOTO Courtesy


Sauti Sol’s Magical Wand

When Sauti Sol’s turn came, it was as if the show was now beginning.

The audience was thrown into a frenzy as they kicked off  their set with one of their  biggest hits ‘Extravaganza’.

Sauti Sol literally staged a ‘coup’ turning Dar into Nairobi.

The audience sang their lyrics word to word creating memories of happiness.

Long History Of Friendship

Both Sauti Sol and Harmonize share a long history of friendship.

Their friendship goes as far as showing each other support during concerts.

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Just like Sauti Sol crossed the border for Harmonize, the latter also did the same to Sauti Sol last year during their ‘Sol Fest’ gig.

Other performances came from Abigail Chams and Ibraah.

Also in attendance was the Deputy Minister for Culture, Arts and Sports, rapper Mwana Fa.

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