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Sauti Sol’s Bien Defends Chimano Against Claims


Sauti sol’s Bien Barasa over the weekend shamed two ladies online after they called his friend and fellow band member Chimano gay.

Bien had posted a photo on his Instagram that was taken at Anabel Onyango’s baby shower.
In the photo, Bien had bent over sticking his tongue out as Annabel Onyango fondled his behinds, while Chimano showed off his painted nails.

Fans went ahead to make fun of the photo on the comments section. But two girls pissed off Bien after posting homophobic comments attacking Chimano.

Angry Bien jumped up fast defending Chimano and calling out on the two ‘ignorant’ ladies.

@hawa_the_firstlady @ambukadorice you’re ignorance is so loud it’s deafening. Go write your stupid comments on Ezekiel Mutua’s page where other idiots like you dwell. You still can’t be writing such comments on the 21st century. What a waste of an education, He wrote.