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Sauti Sol’s Bien Tells Off Bahati Over ‘Bad’ Music


bahat1Was Bahati’s confession and apology on behalf of the Gospel Industry a gimmick to set the stage for his new song release? This seems to be the case as two days after he took to his  social media page to apologize for not representing Christ and the Gospel Industry as God expects him to, he has now announced the beginning of his musical season with a new song alert set to be released on 3rd December on youtube at 5pm.

This new jam ‘Kwa Moyo ‘ wangu is a combined effort of Bahati and the all time gospel Guru Jemimah Thiongo.  The ‘mama’ singer received bashing from artists across the board for appointing himself their spokesman. Bien from Sauti sol replied through his social media page to Bahati’s emotional post where he wrote

Bahati go and write songs or rather get good songwriters to work with. DO NOT do music targeting awards. Awards are a by-product of quality. Use this energy to better your musicianship. Also who told you to speak on behalf of Gospel musicians! There are plenty of Gospel artists who are doing God’s work with anointing as they should. So stop roping an entire industry into your publicity stunts. It just makes Kenyan musicians in general look bad. Sautisol didn’t sing Kuliko Jana targeting any award. Music from the heart goes to the heart. As musicians our legacy is cast on song not hype. I mean this with love and respect.

So was this a publicity stunt or was Bahati genuinely remorseful of the deteriorating standards and quality of the gospel industry? Only time will tell, meanwhile watch out for his new song hoping this time he didnt cry too much in his lyrics.