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Sauti Sol’s Chimano says he was always an awkward Child


Sauti Sol’s Willis Austin Chimano has opened up about his struggles growing up as an introvert.

Speaking on the Engage Talk platform, Chimano revealed that growing up, he did not have many friends.

“Growing up I felt like an awkward child, making friends felt like a laborious task. I felt like it was something i could do without. I just loved watching other kids play.” He said

Chimano said his main focus was always getting good grades in order to go to a good university.

He however said getting to university also did not bring him much fulfillment as he often felt out of place.

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He however added that the greatest fulfillment he has ever gotten is when Sauti Sol’s music career started picking up.

“Even in high school i was a very subdued child, all i wanted was to get good grades and go to university. When i went to university, i did not get the fulfillment i yearned for, i started getting fulfillment after our music career started picking up. My fashion is all about challenging toxic masculinity.” He added

Chimano maintains that he has never had a problem being the awkward person because it gives him the right chance to think and be creative.

“Being an introvert gives me time to think,create and retain my energy. Talking is like a job.i have no regrets, i love being in my own thoughts” he added