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  • Scar Mkadinali is currently enjoying his moment of glory with his collabo ‘Lifestyle’ with Sauti Sol’s, Bien on his newest solo project dubbed ‘Alusa Why Are You Topless’ hitting #3 on trending list.
  • Bien’s new album is a 16 track compilation with collaborations across the globe.
  • Sauti Sol’s Savara Mudigi has also hinted at having a project in the pipeline.

Scar Mkadinali is currently enjoying his moment of glory as his collabo ‘Lifestyle’ with Sauti Sol’s Bien hitting No #3 on You Tube’s trending list.

The pairs collabo ‘ Lifestyle’ is turning out to be a chart topping hit with its numbers rising by the minute.

Bien had his usual golden vocals injected with a Swahili/Sheng narration.

“Kipara bila pesa kidonda cheki dem yako anakutoka wananiitanga Maradona juu mi huwakata nikisonga” he sings partly.

The song’s producer should also be given a thumbs up for creating a jazzy yet groovy instrumentation.

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As Scar Mkadinali comes through with his rap, he kicks off with some lazy singing which adds oomph before going back to rapping.

The Wakadinali’s front man doesn’t disappoint with his lines laced with metaphors, punchlines and great wordplay.

“Maisha fiti na marafiki tunaungua na si cheating kama wifey anajua mziki hailipi basi ni vipi nina ganji” he raps.

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Fans Reactions

Bien and Scar’s collaboration is emerging as one of the biggest collaborations with the year ending.

We sampled a few of the reactions from fans who were loving the new piece of art.

“I just feel so damn proud of Scar Mkadinali”

“This is Kenyan music, The Best Vocalist, The Best Rapper, Mad Respect”

“It’s crazy how Bien manages to adapt to any type of song. He is so talented”

“Alusa Why Are You Topless”

Bien dropped his solo project, Alusa Why Are You Topless a fortnight ago.

The album is a 16 track compilation with collaborations running across the globe.

Bien’s 9 month old collabo ‘My Baby’ with Nigeria’s Ayra Starr also earns a feature as well as Sarah Ikumu who featured on Britain’s ‘Got Talent’ showpiece.

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With their recent ‘Last Dance’ at Sauti Sol’s, Sol Fest, Bien is proving to be a force to reckon with as far his album is concerned.

While promoting Bien’s work, Sauti Sol’s, Savara Mudigi also hinted at having a project in the pipeline.

“Eeeeeissshhhh Bien ameleta pressure mpaka nimeingia studio immediately.

Stream his new album#alusawhyareyoutopless out on all platforms” wrote Savara.

Which is your favorite song from Bien’s new album.

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November 19, 2023

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