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Sean Paul Lists Billie Elish As One Of His Dream Collabos


Sean Paul has listed American singer Billie Eilish as one of his dream collabos.

On a recent episode of The Voice, where he serves as a 2022 “Battle Advisor” for American singer Gwen Stefani, the Dancehall superstar described Eilish as brilliant and lauded her brother, Finneas O’Connell,  who is behind the production of her music.

“Bille Eilish for real. I would love to do a remix… but I would love to do something with her because she just is brilliant.  Her and her brother that make the music, big up to the both of them, I would love to try what I do on one of their tracks,” says the Go Down Deh hitmaker.

Sean Paul then mentions that everytime he listens to Billie’s music, he looks out for spaces that he feels some of his lines would fit in well.

“You know at times I am playing the radio or I am driving and I am hearing her songs, and there are little spaces I hear myself and I’m like ‘yo I could go there or there’.  And yeah, I would love to do something where it’s like that,” he added.

He then notes that the American music duo Twenty One Pilots, was another set of artists that he would like to work with.

“Also, a band called Twenty One Pilots; it’s awesome.  They have crazy melodies and I like music like that.  The drums are kinda Hip Hop oriented to me and the melodies are rock oriented and it’s a perfect blend a dat.  And that’s a group I wouldn’t mind doing a song with, with their production. I love it,” he said.

In an interview last year, Sean Paul said that he became interested in Billie Eilish after listening to her 2015 debut single Ocean Eyes, which was written and produced by Finneas O’Connell, with whom she collaborates on music and live shows.

“I like her music. I hear her brother produces it and I would love to be in studio just to mess with stuff that they do.  It is unique it does not sound like anything else now,” he said.

By Stella Anyango


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