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  • Dancehall superstar Sean Paul expresses his dislike for the clashes between dancehall artists.
  • Sean Paul also announced his desire for unity in Dancehall.
  • The star is currently getting ready for the start of his Australian and New Zealand tour set to begin on January 26th.

Jamaican rapper and singer Sean Paul has for another time expressed displeasure with clashes between artists, and his desire for unity in Dancehall.

Sean Paul who recently commented on the feud between Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom said he strongly believes that Dancehall artists should make music that will keep them touring, not music that exalts disunity within the industry.

“It’s a big part of our culture for clash, sound especially, but when it comes to artists clashing, I have seen violence from it because people argue and I have seen it personally, so it’s no longer necessary for us to put so much energy into something that has us going in circles, instead, unify and push to the world.”

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Some people believe that Sean Paul has turned soft  because of for pushing unity but he remains unmoved by such comments.

“Some people believe that there is a certain weakness in saying it and that I don’t want to be tough anymore, but I disagree, me saying this to the culture is for us to get to a better place, because hit songs have us touring and sustaining way more than clash songs, clash songs are for a shorter time.” 

Being among the icons of the Jamaican Dancehall, Sean Paul has been leading by example.

In 2017 he shared stages with Ding Dong, Chi Ching Ching on the global scene, without forgetting Shenseea who graced the Dutty Rock founder’s international tours at the start of her career.


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