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  • Chapati Mistress reveals secrets behind her successful Chapati business.
  • He sell More than two hundred chapatis a day.


You have been asked to follow your passion deliberately when starting a business and that is not a must you have adequate Capital.

This is according to Jackline Watahi popularly know us the Chapati Mistress.

In one on one interview with Ghetto Radio News Watahi says she dwell much on her love for cooking Chapati and later commercialized it only.

He started the same in Kayole area after partying ways with the husband.She would cook and post them thanks to her social media love.

“Mimi kitu imenisaidia ni ni kwamba passion I had interest in cooking and that’s why I didn’t shy off to venture in my business.So you must be determined to do it and be passionate with that you will do well other than kuifanya juu umeona mtu anfanya uzuri ya kitu ni kufanya kitu unapenda ..nilipenda kupika sana.’’ Chapati Mistress told Ghetto Radio News in an Interview.

Chapati Making

According to Chapati Mistress they make more than 200 chapatis  hundred a day.

“It has been good right now, I have been able to a employ a team of six individuals.We only cook and prepare on orders.For now am operating in Donholm before relocating to a more strategic area.” She added.

Her Advise to Single Parent

She has called on single parents not to be lured into prostitution because of economic pressure.

She was once a single  mother with two kids but got a partner again.

“I would be lying calling myself a single mother…I have a husband  right now who works in the corporate world.But of course I was once a single parent…my advise to them  is that they should not fall trap to other immoral behaviors like prostitution.” She stated.

September 29, 2023

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