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Section of artistes call out colleagues ranting over the Ksh.2500 from MCSK


A number of artistes ignited an online conversation earlier this week after receiving what they termed as ‘peanuts’ from the Music Copyright Society of Kenya

Led by Khaligraph Jones, King Kaka and Timmy Tdat the artistes blasted the body for infringing on their rights and accusing the management of swindling their money.

A section of Kenyan have however artistes came out  urge their colleagues who took to social media to complain about the ksh. 2500.

According to the panel that consisted of the likes of Ringtone, Veteran singer Maji Maji, Labalaa of Uko flani Maumau, Octopizzo, Kenon, Gospel singer Eunice Lema among others, most of those who complained online have no idea how the body carries how it’s distribution.

According to Julius Owino popularly known as Maji Maji, the Ksh.2500 distribution was equal among all registered members and was according to the MCSK constitution.

“The 2500 shillings was not royalties, it was a general distribution which was sent out to every registered members. The scientific distribution or otherwise pay for play where artistes receive royalties as per their airplay is yet to be done. Most of the artistes did not understand this bit.” he said

Maji Maji also added that the problem is that there are ghost members registered as artistes therefore reducing the total amount of money divided equally among artistes.

“There are artistes who also registered their friends and family as artistes making the number huge and so the money distributed equally goes down. That money may even change from Ksh.2500 to Ksh.1500” he said

Rapper Henry Ohanga alias Octopizzo on his part supported those who aired their arguing that they had every right to do so.

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The rapper also called on MCSK, PRISK and KAMP to improve their channels of communication so that every member understands how they operate.

“All these grievances are out of lack of communication. Every artistes who complained had a right to do so. They did not understand how the money was arrived at or what it was for. If this was general distribution it’s okay but now every artiste is waiting for the scientific distribution yet they do not understand how or what it is. There needs to be proper communication channels. If in October there is still an issue with the scientific distribution then I will be part of those who complain.” he added

Octo also revealed that artistes received Ksh. 4000 shillings earlier on but did not complain arguing that the MCSK issue is being politicized

Controversial singer Ringtone also called out the likes of Willy Paul who took to social media to rant saying that when other artistes were fighting for MCSK’s licensing he was nowhere.

Like his colleagues, Ringtone also called for better communication structures between MCSK and its members.

From the presser held at PRISK offices on Lenana road, all the artistes present called for better communication, Vetting of all registered members as well as patience from their colleagues.

The event was also attended by gospel artiste Judy Wandera and Leah Mercy both who called out fellow singer Ben Githae who also had a recent interview to weigh in on the MCSK issue.

According to the artistes, Githae is a director at Music Publishers Association of Kenya (MPAKE) and should not be discussing matters MCSK.

Some of the artistes also called on the likes of Khaligraph, Timmy Tdat and King Kaka to participate in the MCSK events such as AGMSs in order to know how the body operates.