See the Sexy See-Me-Through Dress Worn by Esther Pasarris That Has Stirred A Huge SM Uproar.

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passarissWith the kind of lifestyle some of you are leading right now at your early twenties, it be a tough examination figuring where and how you would look like in the next three decades to come.

Would you still look hot and in perfect body shape like Halle Berry and Jeniffer Lopez ?

Well, i must commend our very own local Tina Turner, one Esther Passaris. I mean apart from Julie Gichuru, y’all will agree with me that even at her 50’s , Esther still looks better than some 70′ babies reading this.

So beside her endless controversies time in time out, the politician cum Entrepreneur has got a sexy side too. Her taste in fashion ain’t that bad after all.

Did you see the black see-me-through black dress she recently donned at a recent event exposing her yellow thighs shamelessly?

Well,if you didn’t….enjoy;