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Seedorf: Women Football Getting Better

Former AC Milan midfielder Clarence

Former AC Milan midfielder Clarence Seedorf talked about his experience on women’s football at the FIFA Conference for Equality and Inclusion.The four-time winner of  UEFA Champions League was part of a keynote conversation with former Canada international Karina LeBlanc.
In the conference, Seedorf was asked of his impressions at the women’s game and his response was intelligent.He stated that it is not his wish to see ladies’ football similar to men’s.

 I don‘t want to see women’s football copy men’s. I want women’s football to develop in its own way.,” Seedorf said. The midfielder revealed that he watched many games at the Women’s football World Cup and the game is developing better.

“ I watched many games at the World Cup, and it’s getting better. It just needs time to grow and improve. I look at it not expecting to see a men’s game. I think perceptions and expectations should change,” he added.

The former  Champions League winner  further added that football has a lot to give back to society. “We have a responsibility to do that, and we need to do it in the best way possible. Working now will create role models who will be positive for boys and girls,” he stated.

The responsibility to develop women football is for all according to Seedorf. He says that  all should have a bigger purpose on  how to give back to the world of football. There is need to develop all the areas that are sensitive to all kinds of people. Equality in terms of opportunities is fundamental.