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“Selling Nunu is better paying than MCSK” Suzanna Owiyo

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Singer Suzanna Owiyo has become an online conversation after airing out her rant regarding MCSK on her social media platforms.

The singer shared her two cents along with a screen shot of the M-pesa she received from MCSK.

In her long post Owiyo called out MCSK calling them a body of jokers ho are killing the industry.

“We have grown as* men/women who sit at the mcsk office denying the artistes their rightful pay. I received this text & didn’t pay much attention to it. Mcsk are jokers who are slowly killing the industry.” She wrote

The singer also angered some of her fans in the process after insinuating that prostitution pays better than MCSK.

“Zero interest in supporting the artistes. Selling nunu would give [one a much] better pay check.” She wrote

Some of the fans angered by her sentiments said it was uncalled for and wrong to compare arts with prostitution.


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